Allison Mack, the Smallville actress implicated in the NXIVM sex cult case, pleads guilty


Allison Mack, the Smallville actress implicated in the NXIVM sex cult casepleaded guilty to one count of racketeering and one count of racketeering conspiracy at a Brooklyn federal court on Monday.

In court, Mack tearfully said that she took “full responsibility for [her] conduct” as the alleged second-in-command of Keith Raniere, the Albany-based guru and leader of the self-help group NXIVM. Raniere is facing charges of sex trafficking and was hit with possession of child pornography charges last week.

In a statement, Mack apologized for her role In NXIVM. “I’m very sorry for the victims of this case,” she said in court, visibly emotional. “I’m very sorry for who I’ve hurt through my misguided adherence to Keith Raniere’s teachings.” She also admitted that she kept a slave and instructed women in the group “to perform services for me” and confirmed that members were required to provide naked photos of themselves and other blackmail material before joining.

Prosecutors allege that Mack was a lead recruiter in an all-female sect called DOS, which supplied “slaves” who were encouraged “to engage in sexual activity with Raniere.” An explosive New York Times report from 2017 alleged that these slaves were required to brand themselves with Mack’s and Raniere’s initials, and that they were forced to provide embarrassing “collateral” to DOS leaders that would be used against them in the event that they wanted to leave the group.

Six other people have been charged in connection to NXIVM, including Seagrams heiress Clare Bronfman, who fainted in court last week after it was revealed that disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti had been brought into a closed-door meeting with her attorney Mark Geragos on her behalf. Bronfman, who has pleaded guilty to charges of money laundering and identity theft, is expected to be the only other NXIVM defendant besides Raniere to go to trial.

In addition to Mack, Nancy Salzman, the former founder of NXIVM, has also entered a guilty plea, as has her daughter Lauren Salzman. They both pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges and are expected to testify at Raniere’s trial in late April.

As Page Six points out, Mack faces 20 years in prison under these charges, and it was rumored to have been in negotiations with prosecutors to take a plea deal for weeks. Her sentencing is scheduled for September 11th.

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